True Sculpt

Ben Anthoney figurative and portrait sculptor. Based at Thoresby park NG229EP

These sculptures were designed and sculpted by Ben Anthoney who is a sculptor from Mansfield Woodhouse. Ben is a 100 percent self-taught sculptor starting when he was just 9 years old with some blu-tack, sculpting mini stick figures and models, that’s when Ben noticed his talent and that sculpture is what he wanted to do. Ben didn’t go to Art College or university to learn his skill it is something that he has developed over the years. These sculptures would make great center pieces in any home and a great talking points. Ben is always sculpting new pieces of art and can be found doing so in studio 9 at Thoresby courtyard

When you buy a piece of art its not just to have it in your home or office its an investment a unique piece of art that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.​

“Every sculpture is learning curve and I’m always creating new pieces of art for everyone to enjoy. The feeling to take a block of clay and create something truly spectacular, is amazing.” – says Ben Anthony

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