16 things for you to see at Thoresby

How many things will you see??

Thoresby Park is full of interesting things. Here are 16 things you can see on your visits to the park:

  1. A round building, is probably the first thing you might see.
  2. A bike, check out our cycle hire here
  3. Trees, how many different ones can you find?
  4. A river, are there any creatures in it?
  5. A grand hotel, take a photo from behind the gates (restricted access, no children allowed)
  6. Deer, head to the deer park….did you see any white ones?
  7. Tractors, can you see our busy farmers working the land?
  8. Military vehicle, have a look in the courtyard for this.
  9. A bridge, there are 2 stone bridges on the estate… can you find them?
  10. Birds, head to the birdhide…. how many did you see?
  11. Doors, can you find a blue one?
  12. Sheep, normally spotted over the bridges in fields.
  13. Giant Redwood trees.. a walk further in to the park will reveal an avenue of these.
  14. Wildflowers, find 5 different flowers.
  15. Squirrels, can you spot any hiding their acorns?
  16. Fences, are they wooden… metal.. or something else.

Print this page off and tick them off as you go along. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook in any memories you make at Thoresby, we would love to share them ????

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